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Skip Hire Basics – The Five Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Skip

Skip Hire Basics - The Five Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Skip

One of the most affordable and convenient ways to get rid of unwanted clutter or rubbish is hiring a skip. This will only require you to hire a skip bin, fill it up and then let the skip hire company dispose of the rubbish for you. This process may seem to be very straightforward, but mind you, this can also be very tricky. That’s why there are many people make some basic mistakes in doing so.

To make sure you won’t do the same, here are the common mistakes people make when hiring a skip. It’s a list of the five common mistakes most people make when hiring a skip. Avoiding them will ensure a successful skip hire.

Five Common Mistakes in Hiring a Skip

Not Spending Time to Look for the Best Deal Available – One of the most common mistakes that people make when hiring a skip is settling on the first available skip hire company they come across. Hiring a skip hire company without taking time compare quotes will lead you to a bad service or overpaying for the skip. It will also eliminate your chances of getting the best deal available that comparing quotes will allow you to do.

Wrong Size of Skip – Many people make the mistake of hiring the wrong size of skip bin for their needs, ending up with a small skip that can’t accommodate the amount of rubbish they need to dispose of or having a bigger bin that leaves plenty of space. The best way of avoiding this error is by having an accurate estimate of the rubbish to be disposed of. You can haul all of the rubbish in one place, to have a good visual of the rubbish and then make your estimates. It will allow you to hire the right size of skip that is suitable for your actual need. You can see the different skip sizes here.

Throwing the Wrong Materials into the Skip Bin – A lot of people make the mistake of throwing all types of waste materials into the skip. Skips are meant to collect different types of material, and there are materials that are not allowed to be loaded on a skip. To avoid committing this mistake, make sure to ask the skip hire company what materials are not allowed in the skip. You can also give the skip hire company an idea of the types of materials you are going to dispose of so that they can provide you with the suitable bin for your wastes. You can see what items NOT to put in a skip here.

Overfilling the Skip – Another mistake that people often do is overfilling the skip. They just keep on loading the skip bin without monitoring the fill levels that every skip has. Keep in mind that there are rules to be followed on transporting the skip bins, overfilled skip bins may subject to fines. Some skip hire companies also don’t accept overfilled skips because the limitations of loading them are indicated on the contract. So make sure to monitor fill levels on the skip to avoid committing this mistake. You can see how to load a skip here.

Refusing or Failing to Recycle – Most people tend to forget that there are such wastes that can be recycled. Green wastes or what we call garden wastes are completely recyclable and should be sent to recycling depots. Sorting out your waste can help you maximise the space of the skip you will hire and will also be good for the environment.

Common Skip MistakesThose are the most common mistakes a lot of people commit when hiring a skip. To have a successful skip hire, make sure to avoid making these listed mistakes. Always make sure to compare quotes from the top 4 skip hire within your area.

That way you can get the best available service for the best price. Ensuring great and efficient service for the best reasonable price.

(Compare quotes in from approved suppliers near you now.)

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