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Builder’s Skip Hire

Builder skips are large skip bins very popular for builders in the United Kingdom. They are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications and skip hire companies offer them into different sizes; 6 yard skip and 8 yard skip. Builder’s skips are large and heavy duty skip bins commonly used for getting rid of considerable amounts of construction waste. The versatile sizes of this skip make them the ideal choice for both large domestic projects and commercial waste removal solution. These skips are called as builder’s skips because they are popular to both domestic and commercial clients for large home renovation projects, office and retail clear outs and more applications that involve heavy, bulky items.

The Two Different Sizes of Builder Skips

Skip hire companies in the UK offer these builder skips in two different sizes. The 6 yard builder skip and the 8 yard builder skip, heavy duty skips that can handle large amounts of construction waste and household as well. For more information about these builder skip sizes, please refer below.

6 Yard Builder’s Skip

6 Yard Builder Skip

  • Dimensions: 10 feet long x 6 feet wide x 4 feet high
  • Size: Maximum of 65 Black Bin Bags
  • Price: £110 – £180

8 Yard Builder’s Skip

8 Yard Builder Skip

  • Dimensions: 12 feet long x 6 feet wide x 4.5 feet high
  • Size: Maximum of 80 Black Bin Bags
  • Price: £130 – £200

The Most Common Reasons Why People Hire Builder Skips

The 6 yard and 8 yard builder skips are the ideal sizes of skip bins for getting rid of large amounts of domestic and commercial waste. Designed to have extreme durability and to offer large amounts of space to handle heavy and bulky items. They are the ideal skips for construction projects and numerous applications that involve large quantities of rubbish. The common uses for these skips include:

  • Large DIY Projects
  • Multiple Home Renovation Projects
  • Various Construction Projects
  • Office and Home Clear Outs
  • Large Domestic Refurbishments
  • Large Scale Lawn and Garden Projects
builder skip hire

These larger and versatile are the perfect choice for large waste removal projects that involves heavier and bulky materials that mini and midi skips can’t handle. They are the perfect choice for handling multiple domestic renovation operations that take place at same time, projects such as bathroom and kitchen refits, DIY projects and large room reconstructions.

Builder skips are also excellent for commercial waste management and office clear outs. They are called builder’s skips because they are commonly involved in these kinds of tasks. Applications, where people will have to get, rid significant amounts of heavier materials like constructions waste. They are also the most eco-friendly way of getting rid of plaster boards and bulky items from demo projects.

Most of these skips can also fit on driveways, which makes them very convenient for clients. They are considered as the best practical and convenient solution for construction waste removal projects in the UK.

Tips on How to Get the Most Affordable and Reliable Builder Skips in Your Area

Builder skips are the popular choice of contractors to help them get rid of large amounts of construction waste. They are designed to get rid considerable amounts construction waste as well as household rubbish. These skips are also engineered to handle heavier and bulkier items and dispose of them properly. However, they can also be expensive and get a reliable service can also be difficult. So, you are planning to get the most affordable and reputable builder skip deals in your area. You can follow these tips listed below.

  • Ask Friends and Family – One way of getting a reliable skip hire service to ask your friends and relatives if they have some companies that they prefer. This ensures that the quality of service that the referred companies will provide is excellent. In some cases, the referred companies also offer a lower price range. Giving you the opportunity get the most affordable and top quality service available in your area.
  • Get the Right Size of Skip – The price of the skip hire service is directly affected by the size you will hire. So getting the right and adequate skip size will lower the price of the skip hire service you will be availing. Getting the right size of skip that will allow you to fit into your property will not require you to secure a council permit that will add up to your expenses.
  • Compare Quotes – Comparing quotes from the top skip hire companies in your area will also help you get the best and most affordable skip hire deal available in your area. It will give you the opportunity to view the top company’s price range and use them to negotiate for better deals that will give you the upper hand.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you look for the best skip hire deal available in your location. It will also give you the best value for your money by getting the top quality service for the cheapest amount you will pay. These tips will also lead you to successful skip hire that will efficiently get rid of unwanted rubbish you want to dispose of.