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18 Yard Skip Rental Service

18 Yard Maxi SkipThe 18 large skip is the largest maxi skip available in the UK. These skips are very popular with commercial clients for getting rid of substantial amounts of waste from construction jobs. They are also used for various industrial operations.

Skip hire prices are influenced by plenty of factors such as skip size, location, permit and accessories. However, 18 yard skips are regularly priced from £700. For more accurate pricing details, you can ask for quotes from the skip hire firms that operate within your area.

18 Yard Skip Size

18 yard skips are extremely large, and they typically measure 13.5 feet long x 6.5 feet wide x 7 feet high (4.11m x 1.98m x 2.13m), and they can hold up to 195 black bin bags of waste.

Prohibited Items You Cannot Put In The Skip

Almost all types waste can be thrown on a skip. However, some items are prohibited in any skips and throwing them into one will mean extra charges. To give you an idea on these items, here’s a list of the common materials not allowed on skips.

  • Chemicals
  • Asbestos
  • Electrical items
  • Tyres
  • Gas cylinders
  • Hazardous waste
  • Paint
  • Fluorescent bulbs

Jobs Suitable for 18 Yard Skips

18 yard skips are the choice of many commercial clients because of the space that it offers. These skips are excellent for disposing of huge amounts of waste such as construction waste and bulky items. They are also excellent for various industrial jobs.

Council Permit Required for Hiring an 18 Yard Skip

Skip hire permit normally cost £15 to £60 depending on the council. Placing a skip on council owned premises will require you to secure a permit. But if the skip is placed on privately owned properties, a permit is not required.

If this size does not meet your requirements you may wish to upgrade to the 20 yard skip.