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Mini Skip Hire

Mini skips are the smallest size category offered by skip hire companies throughout the United Kingdom. They come in two different sizes namely, the 2 yard skip and the 3 yard skip. Because of their small size, mini skips are the perfect choice for getting rid of small amounts of waste, and they easily fit any property. Making them very popular to domestic clients for garden clean ups, small DIY projects and small home renovations. These skips are very affordable and convenient to use, mini skips are also environmentally friendly which makes them the perfect waste removal solution in most households in the UK.

Different Mini Skips Sizes

There are two sizes of mini skips available in the UK. The 2 yard mini skip and the 3 yard mini skip, these skips are the smallest skip sizes offered by skip hire companies. Both of these skips are excellent for getting rid of small amounts of both domestic and commercial waste. For a better understanding of these skips, please refer below.

2 Yard Mini Skip

2 Yard Mini Skip

  • Dimensions: 5 feet long x 4 feet wide x 3 feet high (1.82m x 1.22m x 0.91m)
  • Size: Holds up to 25 black bin bags
  • Price: £60 – £100

3 Yard Mini Skip3 Yard Mini Skip

  • Dimensions: 6 feet long x 4 feet wide x 3 feet high (1.52m x 1.22m x 0.91m)
  • Size: Holds up to 35 black bin bags
  • Price: £75 – £120

Common Uses For Mini Skips

Mini Skip HireMini skips are ideal for various domestic and commercial applications. They are the most popular choice by domestic clients. With their small size, they are commonly used for household waste removal solutions. Most of these jobs are garden clearance, bathroom or kitchen refits and small renovations. These skips are also used for small DIY projects and other applications that yield small amounts of unwanted waste.

There several commercial applications where mini skips are suitable. In most cases, these skips are hired on constructions as a secondary backup skip. They are sometimes used for exclusively get rid of plaster boards since they can’t be mixed with other types of waste. Mini skips are also used in constructions sites for getting rid of the excess rubbish after the project is done.

The Advantages Of Hiring A Mini Skip As A Waste Removal Solution

With their small size and ability to properly get rid of small amounts of waste, mini skips have become the most popular skip hire service to domestic clients in the UK. They also cater to commercial clients in many applications where they are the most suitable option available. For a better picture why mini skips are the best waste removal solution, here’s a list of the benefits and advantages they offer.

  • Proper Waste Disposal – Skip hire companies see to it that every waste they take will be disposed of in an environmental-friendly manner. These firms assure their clients that all the waste they pick up will be brought to the licensed recycling facilities. Skip hire companies also offer various recycling services that will dispose of all of the waste in a way that they won’t harm the environment. Making skip hires an environmentally friendly way of waste of disposal.
  • Cheapest Skips Available – Skip hire prices are greatly affected by the skip size, and since mini skips are the smallest available, they are the cheapest skips offered by skip hire companies.
  • Convenient and Requires Small Amount of Space – Mini skips are small enough to be placed on any property, making it very convenient. These skips allow the clients to place them the nearest spot minimising the labour it requires to throw the rubbish into the bin. Mini skips are also small enough to fit any property, which means they don’t need a council permit to be used.

That’s what makes mini skips the best option for properly disposing of small amounts of both domestic and commercial rubbish. So if you have to get rid of any unwanted rubbish from your home or business, consider getting a mini skip for the job.