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Midi Skip Hire

Midi skips are one of the most popular household waste removal solution in the UK. These skips are slightly larger than mini skips, and they also come in two different sizes; 4 yard skip and 5 yard skip. Due to their size which is larger than mini skips, these midi skips are perfect for properly disposing of moderate amounts of domestic waste. They are mostly used in domestic jobs such as bathroom and kitchen updates, large garden clean ups and other minor home renovation projects. Most of these skips can easily fit any property that makes waste removal very convenient. As an Eco-friendly and affordable way of getting rid of rubbish, midi skips are considered to best waste removal solution in the United Kingdom.

The Two Midi Skips Sizes

There are two sizes of midi skips offered by skip hire companies in the UK. One of them is the 4 yard skip, and the other is the 5 yard skip. These skips are slightly larger, and they offer more space compared to mini skips. Making them the ideal and perfect choice for getting rid of moderate amounts of both commercial and domestic waste. For more information about these skip sizes, please refer below:

4 Yard Midi Skip

4 Yard Midi Skip

  • Dimensions: 7 feet long x 5 feet wide x 3 feet high (2.13m x 1.52m x 0.91m)
  • Size: Holds up to 45 black bin bags
  • Price: £85 – £140

5 Yard Midi Skip

5 Yard Midi Skip

  • Dimensions: 7.5 feet long x 5 feet wide x 3.5 feet high (2.29m x 1.52m x 1.07m)
  • Size: Holds up to 55 black bin bags
  • Price: £100 – £160

Common Applications and Uses of Midi Skips

Midi Skip HireMidi Skip HireMidi skips are considered to be one of the most versatile sizes of skip bins. These skips are commonly used for domestic rubbish removal operations as well as commercial waste management situations.

In some cases, builders also get these skips and use them as a secondary or backup skip in construction sites to get rid of excess waste or to exclusively get rid of waste that can’t be mixed with other kinds of rubbish.

As one of the most convenient and affordable solutions for waste removal, midi skips are very popular to domestic clients.

These skips are very versatile because of their size. Aside from they can easily fit any property, they also offer a great amount of space that clients use to get rid of their waste. Here are the most common uses of midi skips:

  • Large Garden Redesigns or Clean Ups
  • DIY Projects and Major Room Renovations
  • Refitting of Bathrooms, Kitchens and Bedrooms
  • Minor Demolition Projects
  • General Cleaning of the House and Commercial Clear Outs

Hiring a midi skip is also a practical and convenient way of getting rid moderate amounts of rubbish. With the versatile size of these skips, they can easily fit in a driveway or a garden. Allowing clients to place the skip bin in a location where it can be quickly loaded. Placing the skip on private property will not require any permits that will significantly reduce the cost of skip hire.

Some Useful Tips on How to Reduce the Cost when Hiring a Midi Skip

Hiring a skip is considered to be the most convenient and practical waste removal solution in the United Kingdom. It’s also the most eco-friendly way disposing of considerable amounts of domestic or commercial waste. The cost of hiring a skip is dependent on plenty of factors, mainly the size of the skip. It can be expensive, but there are a lot of ways on how to cut the cost of your entire skip hire. Here some tips to reduce the cost in hiring a skip.

  • Get the Right Size of Skip – The price of the skip is directly affected by its size and booking the right size to suit your needs, an adequate skip that can accommodate the amount of waste you want to dispose of. One way of doing this is to visualise the amount of rubbish you want to get rid of and get a good estimate.
  • Book the Skip in Advance – Hiring a skip in such a short notice will make it difficult for you to get the right size of skip because there’s a great chance that most of the skip hire companies area are booked. That will make hiring a skip expensive. So, booking the right skip in advance will lessen the cost of your skip hire.
  • Consider the Permits – Placing the skip on a council property like public streets, courtyards or parks will require you to secure a council permit that will add up to the cost of your skip hire. This permit may cost you £15 to £60 regularly, and it will add to your expenses.
  • Donate or Recycle – Taking your recyclable waste to your area’s recycling centres and donating some them to charity will significantly decrease the amount of rubbish. This will allow you to get a smaller skip which will be cheaper than the larger ones. It will reduce the cost of your skip hire.

Those are some things that you can do the entire cost of your waste removal solution. Another great thing to get the best yet cheapest midi skip available in your area is to compare quotes. Ask for quotes from the top skip hire companies within your area and compare them. This will give you an idea of their pricing rates, and you can also use the quotes for negotiating a cheaper deal with your preferred skip hire company.