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Office Waste Removal

Office renovations or office clearance requires proper waste management and disposal. Since these types of office projects will yield a considerable amount of waste that will probably include hazardous materials and E-wastes. In situations like this, the best thing to do is to hire a professional removal contractor or hire a skip. Aside from proper disposal, removing office rubbish will also require considering a lot of things, for the process to be efficient and to make sure that it doesn’t affect other parties.

So to help you to efficiently remove your office rubbish, here is a list of things to consider. This list will help you to be more cost efficient, save time and be more productive on taking out your office rubbish.

Factors to Consider to Efficiently Remove Your Office Rubbish

Office WasteOffice Location – The first thing you have to think about is the location of your office. If your office is located on the ground floor of a building, that will be pretty, but if your office is located on a higher level, then moving your rubbish will be a bit difficult. So make sure to have a good plan on how the rubbish will be moved from the office to the skip or trailer.

The position of the Skip or Where the Rubbish will Hauled – You also have to consider where to place the skip to load the rubbish from your office. The further the location where to haul the rubbish, the more difficult it will be. So make sure to position the skip on a place near your office and make sure that there’s no one will be bothered. Or get an authorisation for the job to make sure no one will complain.

Lift Access and Stairs – If your office is located on a higher level, you also have to consider how to bring rubbish down. Will it be transported through stairs or is there an allocated lift that will be used exclusively for waste removal. If the office building has a service elevator, make sure to make the necessary arrangements to use it throughout the process. You can also schedule the waste removal after office hours.

Hazardous Wastes – If there are hazardous or sensitive materials included on the office rubbish you want to dispose of, make sure to inform the removal contractor or skip hire company. To ensure that the hazardous material is properly packed and to be safely disposed of. Electronic wastes such as circuit boards, computer monitors, etc. should be packed separately as well as plasterboards and poisonous chemicals. These types of materials are not allowed to be loaded on skips, so it is best if you asked the skip hire company about their policies.

Proper Documentations – Secure necessary documents for the removal process. In most cases, a process like this requires a council permit or authorization. This will ensure that the removal process will run smoothly and efficiently.

Those are the key factors you have to consider when you have unwanted clutter or rubbish in your office. Don’t forget to compare quotes from the top skip hire or professional removal companies within your area to get the best deals available.

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