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Choose The Right Skip Size For Your Requirements

Skip Sizes

Skip hire companies offer various skip sizes and dimensions ranging from 2-yard skips all the way to 40-yard skips. The prices of skips vary according to their sizes. So getting the right size for getting rid of a considerable amount of waste is crucial to saving time and money. However, getting the right size of skip to get rid of your unwanted rubbish can be very tricky. In fact, it’s one of the most common mistakes people do when hiring a skip.

Hiring the wrong size of skip is a costly mistake that will lead to costly consequences. If you hire a small skip that can’t accommodate the amount of waste you want to dispose of, you will need to hire another one, or if you get a large skip that is too much for the amount of rubbish then, that will also be a waste of money. So to make it easier for you to hire right size of skip here is a complete guide that you can follow.

Categories and Sizes of Skip Bins Offered by Skip Hire Companies

Mini Skips – Skip Bins Ranging from 2 Yard Skips to 3 Yard Skips

These skips are small skip bins ideal for getting rid of small amounts of household waste such as garden clean ups. Mini skips are also perfect for small home renovations like kitchen and bathroom refits. Skips of this size can usually fit into properties that make it very convenient to use. The size of mini skips ranges from 25 to 35 black bin bags.

Midi Skips – Skip Bins Ranging from 4 Yard Skips to 5 Yard Skips

Slightly larger than mini skips, midi skips an ideal for larger projects like household renovations and garden clean ups. It’s perfect for getting rid of considerable amounts of waste that includes junk waste and garden waste. The size of these skips ranges from 45 to 55 black bin bags.

Maxi Skips – Skip Bins Ranging from 6 Yard to 18 Yard Skips

Maxi skips are large sized bins ideal for commercial and industrial use. These skips are popular with builders since they are large enough to get rid of large amounts of waste that includes bulky items and heavy materials. The size of these skips includes 65, 80, 100, 120, 145, 170 and 195 black bin bags.

Roll-on Roll-off Skips – Skips Bins Ranging from 20 Yard to 40 Yard Skips

These are huge roll on roll off skip bins perfect for industrial and commercial waste removal. Heavy duty bins that are well capable of getting rid of waste that includes bulky items and heavy materials. They are also ideal for huge sized rubbish produced by industries. Sizes include 220, 275, 330 and 440 black bin bags.

Those are the sizes of skip bins offered by skip hire companies across the entire UK. Now to help you decide on what size of skip to hire, below are tips you to keep in mind.

Tips on How to Get Right Size of Skip Bin for Removing Unwanted Waste or Rubbish

  • Assess the Whole Situation – Before you decide what size of skip you need, make sure to evaluate the situation fully. Take a step back and see if you need to hire a skip or if you have other options.
  • Get A Good Estimate – Having a good estimate of the amount of waste you want to be disposed of will help you identify the right size of skip suitable for your needs. Collecting all the rubbish and placing them in one place will help you get a good estimate of the waste you want to dispose of. From there, you can have an idea of how big is the suitable skip to dispose of your rubbish.
  • Identify the Size of Skip – Now that you have a good estimate on the rubbish you will dispose of, you can now identify the right size of skip you will need. If you are going to dispose of a small amount of rubbish, a mini skip is a good choice. For larger amounts, a midi or maxi skip. But for huge amounts of waste, you have to go with the Roll-on Roll-off skip size.

Now that you have an idea on the sizes of skips you can now easily choose the right size of skip for your needs. To make sure that you will not make the common mistake of getting the wrong one, keep those tips in mind and for sure, it will lead you to a successful skip hire.

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