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Compare Skip Bin Hire In Colne

Here at, we take the difficulty out of searching for skip hire in Colne, we help you find a skip at an affordable price. The advantage of comparing multiple companies is that you can choose the size you want, for the length of time you want, saving you time and money.

The skip hire companies we use in Colne are fully insured, licensed and are always professional. We reject any company that doesn’t fit our specification. As well as providing skips, they provide additional equipment which includes, locks, lighting if required.

No matter if you are making home improvements, using a contractor and need waste removal, doing garden work or throwing away old furniture, hiring a skip will make the process easier. The advantage of comparing means you will save much more money than you might think. Requesting a quote is easier than you think.

Skip Hire Comparison Tool

Fill out the form to receive quotes from a minimum of 4 trusted companies who can deliver to your local area. Comparing multiple companies will ensure that you get the best deal in your local area. Our free comparison tool allows you to get the best service, at the best price, this is why we are trusted by hundreds of thousands of regular customers.

Submit Your Details

Fill out the form, including your name, contact details and location. Please also include a description of your intended requirements.

Receive Your No Obligation Quotes

Upon submitting your details, you will receive no commitment quotations for free. The quotes are from multiple approved local companies in your area.

Choosing Your Skip Hire

Once you have received the quotes, you will be able to choose the company which best suits you.

You are under no obligation to choose any of the companies if none of them match your requirements.

Our network is Europe’s number 1 consumer matching service and has been used for over 2,500,000 quotes.

Why Hire A Skip?

Skip rental is a useful way of removing waste from your home, garden or office. If you are having construction done in your house, such as a new kitchen or bathroom, you need to be able to dispose of the mess. The skips are delivered to a place of your choosing and can range in size and specification, once the skip is filled up you will be able to ask them to collect it.

Hiring a skip in Colne is the most practical way of disposing of waste, it’s also affordable and incredibly simple. Each supplier offers various sizes and dimensions which allow their customers to choose a solution which is right for them.

Skip rental is a popular waste disposal method in Colne and is regularly used for commercial and domestic customers, this is due to it being convenient, affordable and the wide range of sizes and variants.

Skip Hire Sizes & Pricing

Skips come in a whole range of sizes, dimensions and models, in order to choose the correct solution for you, we have compiled a size and price guide, this will help lower the cost of your waste disposal.

Other than dimensions there are other factors which alter the cost, although the main factor is size, below is a list of the majority of sizes and models which are widely available from most British suppliers.

Mini Skips

Mini Skips

2 Yard to 3 Yard – These skips are perfect for clients on a budget and don’t have much waste to remove, mini skips are commonly used for small home projects and garden clean ups. Because of their size, they tend to fit on most properties. The price usually starts from £60.

Midi Skips

Midi Skips

4 Yard to 5 Yard – For slightly larger projects, you may wish to consider a midi skip. It is still small enough to fit in most properties, still affordable and is capable of holding more rubbish. The price starts from around £85.

Builders Skip

Builder Skips

6 Yard to 8 Yard – This size is a popular choice for builders, this is because of the size, making it the perfect skip for home renovations, large garden clean ups and more. It is commonly used for disposing of construction waste and heavy materials. The price starts from around £110.

Maxi Skips

Maxi Skips

10 Yard to 18 Yard – Next up is maxi skips, these skips range from 10 yard all the way up to 18 yard. These sizes tend to be used for commercial projects and are popular for removing vast quantities of waste. They are suitable for bulky, heavy items. Prices start from £170.

Roll On Roll Off Skip

Roll On Roll Off Skips

20 Yard to 40 Yard – These are the largest skips available, and they can accommodate almost all large waste disposal jobs. They are capable of removing immense amounts of industrial waste and are a common on constructions site due to their size and ease of use.

Lockable Skip

Lockable Skips

Varying Sizes – Lockable skips are a popular choice for clients who wish to prevent waste from being accessed by other people. They are ideal for busy locations and remove the opportunity for theft. Prices entirely depend on which size and dimension you choose.

These are the different sizes and prices you can choose from, we recommend following this guide when providing the requirements for you quote. However, once you have completed our comparison form, we insist that you contact your chosen supplier and discuss the most suitable skip for your purposes.

Skip Hire Permits

You don’t need a permit if the skip is going to be placed on your driveway, or anywhere on your land. However, you will need a permit if it is going to be place on land that is owned by the council, for example, on the road or pavement.

Skip permits are provided by the council and the price you can expect to pay will vary depending on where you live. Usually it will cost between £20 to £50. Ask your supplier about this, as they usually are the ones to provide the permit on your behalf.

Skip Hire United Kingdom

Prohibited Items

You can mostly dispose of all types of waste, but there are some prohibited items you cannot dispose of. We insist that you check with your chosen supplier and inquire about the rubbish you wish to dispose of. Here are some prohibited waste:

  • Tyres
  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Hazardous Waste

Benefits Of Skip Hire In Colne


Hiring a skip is a necessity when you require large amounts of waste to be disposed of, it is perfect for DIY projects, large constructions jobs, garden clearance or home renovation. Skips will always be delivered to you on your specified date, and you can select the right size, dimensions and specification for your project. Once full, the company you selected, will pick it up and dispose of it properly.

There are so many different types of skips, with varying specifications, there will always be one which is perfect for your needs.  Most companies are able to recycle in excess of 90% of all waste and are regulated to make sure they are environmentally friendly.

How Find A Good Supplier

There are plenty of ways to look for a good skip hire company. You can use the internet to research and read reviews. It’s one of the best ways to search for reputable and reliable suppliers. You can also use a directory to look for skip hire companies near your location. Asking your friends or family members will also lead you to good skip hire company.

You can also drive around your area to look for skip hire contractors. Skip suppliers are required to have their name and contact details marked on their sides, so just by driving around your location will lead you to one.

Suppliers sizes and prices

What Size Of Skip Should I Hire?

Whick Skip Size

Skips are divided into different categories; mini, midi, maxi, builders and roll-on roll-off. They come in various sizes and dimensions and getting the right size of skip will depend on your needs. Make sure to have a good estimate of the amount of waste to be disposed to give you an idea of the right skip size you need.

For smaller amounts of rubbish mini skip is the ideal choice, but for bigger projects, builders or maxi skips will do. However, for industrial and commercial operations the roll-on roll-off skip is the suitable choice.

How Much Should I Pay for the Skip?

The prices of the skip depends on the size and dimensions, make sure to ask the company when requesting a quote. You can also ask several companies for quotes and compare them to get the best deals available.

Those are the basic details for renting a skip. If you are going to rent for the first time, make sure to refer to this guide. It will help lead you to a successful service, and it will also help you save money and time by doing so.

Most suppliers will collect a your skip within one or two weeks upon delivery. However, if you want your waste to be removed sooner, you can call the contractor and ask for it to be collected it sooner. If the skip is going to be placed on the streets, you might need to do this depending on the permit.

Compare Skip Hire

Why Use Our Comparison Tool?

It is important that when you search for a provider, they are on the environmental register, you can do this by searching for their company name. There are lots of companies in the UK which are properly regulated and can often charge more money or aren’t trust worthy.

This is where comes in handy, we compare our approved, professional suppliers in your local area. Our network of trusted skip hire suppliers will provide competitive quotes based on your requirements. To get a quote, simply fill out the form and specify your desired skip and size as well as a short description of your project.

Compare Skip Hire Prices & SizesUpon completing the form, you will receive multiple no obligation quotes from approved, local suppliers. If you are happy with the quotes, you will then be able to select the company of your choice. Our free comparison tool allows you to get the best service, at the best price, this is why we are trusted by hundreds of thousands of regular customers.

For more information please look around our website and if you are interested in hiring a skip in Colne please use our comparison tool.